Apr 24, 2017


Painful headache today.   It is so hard to function properly when your head is aching too much to hold up.  My eyes are even blurry.  Here's hoping tomorrow is better.

Apr 23, 2017

Seeing Red

Today, I decided to do something fun with my hair.  I have to say that I LOVE the color.  It is so much fun.

Apr 22, 2017

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!  The kids and I had so much fun!  I did a little theme decorating.  The bedtime part is most the decorations will be recycled and used in our garden later!  Isn't that fun?

Cupcake Fun

I decided to start our Earth day fun with a little cupcake fun with the little girls.  They are having so much fun with icing and sprinkles.

Apr 21, 2017

This Girl!

Once upon a time I was a self-conscious person who wore size 24 jeans.  I hated trying on clothes, I would just buy really big and hope it fit.

Well today that same person went to the store and tried on several pairs of size 14 jeans and they FIT!!!  That person is sitting down, curled up with a nice cup of tea wearing a pair of size 14 jeans that I had in the back of my closet for TEN years!!  There is no stopping me now!

I Have A Trick

It is hard to take pictures of Little Prince.  He is man on the move and is usually rocking hard when he is happy.  So all his pictures of him they tend to be blurry and oddly angled.

But I have a trick that usually allows me to get one or two mildly decent pictures of my active little man.  He and I play a game where I will sing part of a song which I invented and he sings the next part.  He is so used to this game that he will stop moving for a flash second to look at me in anticipation of the next line.  If I am quick with the camera while we play this singing game, I can catch one or two less blurry pictures (especially if you ignore the blurry hands LOL).

And a little creative cropping gets me something I really like.

Apr 20, 2017

What The Heck?!?

Yesterday, I was out on the deck barefoot in a tank top, and couple of days ago I was sunburned and gardening, and we even had a BBQ this weekend!

This morning This I woke up to this nonsense!  What the heck is this craziness?!?

Apr 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday


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Today I bit the bullet and got rid of my baby boy's high chair.  He hasn't eaten in it for a while now.  I am so proud of him for learning to eat without his chair!  So today my baby boy officially outgrew his high chair.  Right now, he sits in a rocking chair and eats but I have hope that maybe one day I can get him to sit at a table to eat.  For now though . . . I will take this milestone as a victory.

My boy went from eating here only . . .

To eating with comfort and freedom here . . .

Apr 18, 2017


One thing I love about this house is the way the light shines through the windows in the evenings.  I love relaxing after a long day and enjoying the way the light creates a  golden glow.  It is simply lovely.

It is hard to capture the golden glow lighting up my rooms, but this is where the magic happens.

Weekly Weigh-in

I had an amazing week this week!!  I lost 5.8 pounds and that means I surpassed my second goal and lost 10% of my body weight!!  I only had one goal left and after that I am just going to see how far I can take this healthy ride!!

Apr 17, 2017

My Poor Babies

Sickness has hit our house.  The little girls got hit with a flu first and now daddy and mommy are feeling ill.  I am not sure of Little Prince but he has been a little grouchy the last two days so he may be feeling off too.  I decided to make a big pot of broth to help them feel better.

Apr 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit and the kids had a blast.  (Which makes the 7 hours I spent cooking and baking totally worth it!)

Apr 15, 2017

They Surprised Me!

I was surprised today!!  While I was drinking my coffee, Princess Tigger turned up at my door with all her family!!  I had no idea!  It was a lovely day of visiting, chatting, happy kids and our first bbq of the season.   What a nice surprise!

Apr 14, 2017

Surprising myself

I woke up tired today and had no intention of being productive at all, but as the day wore on and the sun shone down, I couldn't help but get out there and get more done.  I have to say, it was lovely to do some heavy lifting and hauling and get things done.  Looking around and seeing all the progress makes me feel good too.  The kids were happy that I pulled out all the summer toys and furniture.  They went outside after breakfast and didn't come back in until almost supper.  That is my favorite part of living in the country, letting the kids have some freedom.

Apr 13, 2017

Busy but Hopefully Productive

It was a busy day of appointments today.

Princess Magpie had a dentist appointment and she did really well.  She was super-brave and had fun.

Prince Charming had another job interview in a beautiful location.  It is his second one ghost week and I really hope something pans out from them.