Nov 19, 2017


As I hear my friends complain about the snow they are getting, today I am grateful for the rain I see outside mine.

Nov 18, 2017

A Little

So today, I am a little down.  I have been trying to be positive and I will keep that up, but yesterday, my family was having a conversation in which they mentioned that they miss the way I used to cook before I was working.  It is hard to be inspired to cook great food when I am always in a hurry, with sixty-seven things to do at once.  I just feel like it is one more reminded of how badly I am managing things.

Okay, now to think of something to be grateful for . . . Okay, I am overlooking my kid's scattered junk, the fact that I need to call the furnace guy to get our furnace going (another expense), the chicken I have NO idea what to do with, and looking for gratitude inspiration . . . I am grateful for a quiet cup of hot coffee early in the morning before the kids get up.

Nov 17, 2017


I broke my favorite mug today.  Boo!!!  It was perfect and I am a little sad.