Jul 23, 2016

This Face

It was a quiet day after our busy day yesterday.   It was lovely.

That being said, I have to say, I love that this sweet little face greets me when I come home.  She also loves to see me off!  She runs to the van and tells me how much she loves me.  She and her sister are my little greeters and I love it!

Jul 22, 2016


My rainbow baby, my little mini-me turned EIGHT years old.  Princess Magpie had a wonderful day doing everything she requested!  We started with a picnic in the park.  And everyone from my teenager to my baby boy had fun.  After that, we came home for cake, presents, and more snacking.  We spent afternoon watching a movie (Which Little Prince LOVED!!!)  Princess Magpie loved every second of every thing we did.  She was even excited to have her requested supper of chili with toppings.  Honestly we all had a fabulous day.  I love that all four kids loved it but I am especially glad ghat my girl felt special and enjoyed it all.

Jul 20, 2016


This was a fun day!  We went shopping for Princess Magpie's birthday.  It is all Frozen all the time and she will be so excited!  And luckily enough it should be sunny enough to have the picnic in the park that she wants.

We took the kids out shopping for a few things and they had fun.  Little Prince had a moon pie for the first time and LOVED them.

I took Princess Belle shopping for a couple of cute dresses and she had a blast.  I let her pick them out and let her pick out which ones she wanted.  It was a fun mommy and me moment.