Oct 8, 2015

Still Functional?

I am super tired today. Thanks to my adorable boy, I was up several times last night and my day started at 6 am. But I am still functioning.  We did circle time outside again.

While we did school, I  had roasts cooking for my  family.

After the little girls were done their school work they a play time outside before lunch and school time for Princess Belle.

Oct 7, 2015

Finding Joy

We did Circle Time with homeschool for the girls' today. They love it as a fun way to start our school day. We even did Circle Time outside for fun. After we were done our school work we decided to do Circle Time outside again just because we felt like it. I love how much joy the girls took in it.  And I llove that we have the freedom to be flexible like that.

Oct 6, 2015

Random Bits

1.  Poor Little Prince bonked his head again last night.  He looks so pitiful with the little bump on his forehead.  Poor baby.

2.  We finally sprayed the chair we bought.  It smells a a LOT better but now I am having a reaction to the cleaner.  I have all the windows open so I hope it goes away soon.

3.  Prince Charming requested sandwiches and fries for supper.  I love it when they request something so easy.

4.  I rearranged the living room to make room for a sofa bed or a Klik Klak.  I want to make it so that I have a comfortable place for when someone comes to sleep.

5.  My phone has lost its appeal to Little Prince.  This means I am back to fighting for his attention in pictures.  If you were to see me trying to take his picture uou may or  may not see me singing the silliest Wiggles songs I can think of.

Oct 5, 2015

The Grand Tour

I let the little girls put their stickers up on their walls today.  They were so excited!  It was fun to see where they put them.  Princess Magpie wanted to be in the pictures I took so that it could be like she was giving you a tour of hers and Princess Snifflefritz's room.