Mar 28, 2017

They Love It

I put books in the little book corner I created for the kids. The little girls have been up there all evening pouring over the books and excitedly sharing their finds.  I love that they are enjoying it so much.

This is the corner before the books

And this is the girls pouring over books (there is a larger light they don't have on).

Weekly Weigh-in

I was worried about my Weigh-in this week because earlier in the week I thought I had been drinking 0 Smart Points drinks and it turned out I had just finished drinking 56 Smart Points in drinks!!!!  I had my panic and then I got back know track.  And this week I hit ONEDERLAND!!!  That makes 65.2 lbs since I started losing weight and 16 lbs since I started Weight Watchers to get past my year long plateau!  I am so happy!!!  I am never deprived, I love my food and I am finally taking care of me again!!